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out of your reading

Start cataloging and tracking your books with Octobook.

Take notes and track your progress as you read. We'll share insights & send you periodic emails of notes you take so you don't forget everything.

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How it works

1. Catalog books

Add your books into convenient digital bookshelves

2. Start reading

Take notes, update your reading sessions, and receive insights

3. Remember more

We'll send you spaced-repetition reminders to help you learn



Reading Insights

Reading insights

Get insights on your reading habits; compare them to other readers.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition

We send you periodic emails of notes you've taken for your books so you don't forget what you read last week!


Catalog your books

Catalog books you've read, are reading, and want to read in the future.

Time Reading Sessions

Time your reading

Log how much time you've spend reading after your sessions.


Keep bookmarks

Keep track how much of a book you've read so far, down to the page number.

Take Notes

Keep notes

Notes section for each book so you can save any quotes or text that you want to remember!

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