octobook beta


What is Octobook?

Octobook is a cloud based service where you can catalogue and keep track of your books. You can create "bookshelves" where you can place books to organize them however you like. You can log how much time you've spent reading, take notes of things you want to remember, and see useful statistics that help you read better. We'll start sending you spaced-repetition emails for your notes so you stop forgetting what you're reading. There is a big list of features planned, but this should give you a gist of what this site is all about.

How do I suggest a feature?

A public Trello board, GitHub issue tracker, or a Slack channel will be opened so suggestions can be made. Until we get around to that, the easiest method would be to email us with your suggestion at [email protected]!

What does it cost?

This is undecided. At initial release and during the beta phase, Octobook will be free to use. We're more focused on building the service up using your priceless feedback before pricing is decided.

Why will this be a paid service?

We want to be around for a long time. To ensure sustainable growth of our service, we would need to charge a small amount to continue our growth. A lot of services out there will advertise "free" services but will exchange your personal data for financial benefit instead. We don't want to do that to you!

How will I be able to add books?

You can look up books by name, or by ISBN number. If you would like to suggest a way to add books, please see the "How do I suggest a feature?" question above.

Is there a faster way to add books?

We'll make it possible to add books via CSV, scan books, or upload photos. The latter two features will be available on the mobile app when we release that.

Is there an iOS or Android app?

This is definitely on the roadmap. There are a ton of features we want to add to the web app before a mobile app will become a priority. Don't worry, though! We know a mobile app is 100% needed down the line. In the meantime, you'll be able to install the Octobook web app on the home screen of your smartphone and get app-link functionality immediately. We'll post iOS and Android specific instructions soon.

What if I can't find a book on Octobook?

If you're reading something you bought from an antique store that is impossible to find online, do not fear. You can add custom books to your library with a cover photo.

More to come!

Please feel free to reach us at [email protected] if you still have questions.